Diversity of stories at Creating Change.

Hector Martinez

Blogging Scholarship Winner
Reporting from Creating Change
January 2012
Baltimore, MD

The Creating Change Conference has a vibrant and high energy feel to it. There have been countless opportunities to meet and speak to a diversity of people. Last night, I unexpectedly had dinner with Janice, a phycist from Washington DC. We ended up having dinner together and so I asked her story. She is a scientist and will be speaking at an upcoming conference for the American Physical Association, a conference for scietitsts. I asked her what she was doing at Creating Change and what she sees for 2012. She is here to learn about homophobia, it turns out that homophobia is pervasive in the scientific community. Many gay and lesbian scientists are afraid to come out of the closet for fear of loosing their funding or risking their tenure. Janice wants to educate herself on LGBT inclusive language so she can better speak to other scientists about homophobia at her upcoming presentation.

I also got to meet a young man from New York City who is celebrating his 21st birthday at Creating Change Conference. He studies music and theater, sings in 2 bands and aspires to be a rock star, his name is Justice so watch out for him. He and his friends drove to the conference to engage in the conversation of LGBT activism.

I am so inspired and in awe over the many stories I have heard. Hope for a bright future for LGBT people is alive at Creating Change and beyond.

Published by adoctorwithoutborders

I am an Instructor at a community based non-profit and I am passionate about acroyoga, literature and running. I recently turned 40 years of age and want to share my journey through medical school and ultimately serving with Doctors Without Borders.

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