Engaging Intergenerational dialogue.

Hector Martinez

Blogging Scholarship Winner
Reporting from Creating Change
January 2012
Baltimore, MD

The Creating Change Conference is jam packed with passionate young people. As I was walking around watching lively discussions in the lobby of the Baltimore Hilton, I wondered how many of us actually make an attempt to engage in conversation with someone younger or older than ourselves. Since I was 18 years of age, I have surrounded myself with people of all ages. Older people teach me what I have to look forward to and young people bring energy and enthusiasm.

Funny story, as I was thinking this in the lobby, an older woman randomly approached me and shared her story with me. It turns out she is a volunteer with the conference. She attended a workshop and had a discussion with a young lesbian who complained that older people don’t listen to young people. She went on to say that young lesbians owe respect to the older generation. If it weren’t for Dykes on Bikes back in the day, where would young gay woman be today?

So my question is, how do you engage conversations intergenerationally? Do you find any value in it? Do you generally hang out with people your own age? I would love to hear your feedback.

Published by adoctorwithoutborders

I am an Instructor at a community based non-profit and I am passionate about acroyoga, literature and running. I recently turned 40 years of age and want to share my journey through medical school and ultimately serving with Doctors Without Borders.

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