Racialized Discrimination Widespread on Apps – #LGBTWellness Roundup

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Racialized Discrimination Widespread on Apps

The International Journal on Environmental Research and Public Health published a study finding that 99% of young sexual minority Black men encountered racialized sexual discrimination while online dating – including being ignored, being rejected, or receiving hateful and racist insults. According to a press release from the researchers, the anonymity offered by such sites and apps may make people more likely to engage in racially-charged or outright discriminatory activity than they would be inclined to do face-to-face with others. The researchers also noted that such activity can be harmful to mental health, making it even more concerning. 

Campus Services and Mental Health

Inside Higher Ed reported on new research that a LGBT college students were much less likely to have serious considered or attempted suicide in the past year if their school offered mental health or LGBT support services. While 46% of LGBT students had considered suicide and 22% had attempted it at schools without mental health services, those numbers were 32% and 6%, respectively, among students at schools with mental health services; a similar trend existed with respect to access to LGBT resources.Given the overall mental health challenges and disparities facing LGBT students, the results underscore the importance of having supports in place. 

App Encourages Safer Sex 

Pharmacy Times reported on a study finding that a mobile app was found to help decrease condomless sex among young sexual minority men. The app was developed from a group-based prevention curriculum. For most, the change in behavior seemed to be limited to the first few months, but the program proved more effective among Black participants, who had an 85% decline in condomless anal sex after six months of using the app.

Updated Guidelines on Monkeypox and HIV

JAMA shared new guidelines regarding HIV and Monkeypox. Research suggested that between 28% and 51% of sexual minority men who have contracted Monkeypox are living with HIV, although it has not been believed that people living with HIV are necessarily at greater risk. The guidelines recommend that antiretroviral therapy continues for people living with HIV who contract Monkeypox, as well as the PrEP continues among those who use it for HIV prevention. 

Birth Control for Transmasculine Folks

Self explored birth control for transmasculine individuals, which can be a challenge given the stigma that this population can face when accessing services and the role it can play with respect to gender dysphoria. The author points out that the issue has taken on particular importance given the rollback in reproductive rights, which may made options like tubal salpingectomy more appealing. The article also tackles questions like whether transmasculine folks on hormone therapy can still become pregnant and whether they can use hormonal birth control.

Gay Games Face COVID-19 Challenges

Time reported on the challenges of hosting the Gay Games, which occurs every four years and which is happening this year in Hong Kong, given the ongoing challenges presented by COVID-19. The event is designed to welcome 15,000 LGBT athletes, but because Hong Kong has had some of the strictest COVID-19 rules in the world, the event ended up being split with Guadalajara. In addition to highlighting LGBT athletics, the event was also expected to shine a light on LGBT rights and acceptance in Hong Kong, which is better than in mainland China. 

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