Exploring Stigma Facing Men of Color – #LGBTWellness Roundup

Each week LGBT HealthLink, a Program of CenterLink brings you a round-up of some of the biggest LGBTQ wellness stories from the past week.

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Exploring Stigma Facing Men of Color

Social Science and Medicine published a study which found that among Black and Latino sexual minority men, those with higher levels of sociostructural barriers – such as food and housing insecurity – also had higher odds of facing greater and more complex types of stigma. Additionally, those facing “compound stigma,” which included intersectional stigma, had the highest levels of sociostructural barriers and also mental health needs. Researchers say the results demonstrate the importance of sociostructural issues and intersectionality in addressing LGBT health. 

Less Bias, Better Screening

Health Promotion Practice published a study finding that among primary care providers in Kentucky, those with most positive explicit attitudes towards lesbian women were more likely to recommend members of this group be screened for depression; doctors who recommended such screening also had slightly lower levels of implicit bias against lesbian wwomen. Given the mental health disparities facing queer women and the importance of screening for depression in addressing these disparities, the results suggest that LGBT inclusion and anti-bias training may make providers better equipped to address mental health among the community. 

Record Fatilities in 2021

Time Magazine reported that anti-transgender violence and rhetoric contributed to 2021 being the most dangerous year for transgender and nonbinary people in the US, with at least 50 gender minority individuals killed this past year. Noting that about half of these individuals were initially misgendered in police or media reports, this research likely represents a significant underreporting in the full number of transgender and nonbinary people who faced fatal violence in 2021. 

Southern Youth Face Disparities

The Hill reported on research finding that LGBT youth in the southern United States faced lower levels of community acceptance than did youth in other parts of the country, with almost half of southern LGBT youth saying their community did not accept them compared to under a third of youth in other regions. They also faced some higher mental health risk factors and lower access to gender-affirming care, which itself has a strong relationship to acceptance, stigma, and mental health. 

Demographic Differences in Suicide Risk Factors

JAMA shared new research on suicide risk among LGB individuals. They found that LGB adults faced up to six times greater levels of risk for different suicide-related factors when examining different demographic subpopulations, based on factors like age and race. This analysis also found interesting disparities within LGB adults, such as bisexual women facing some higher levels of risk compared to lesbian women. Such nuanced differences might be important in considering interventions to reduce disparities. 

A Roundup Roundup

NBC News published a list of its 21 most popular LGBT-related news stories of 2021. These stories included many pieces related to LGBT health, such as coverage of bills targeting the ability of transgender teenagers to access medical care or participate in school sports, and conditions facing incarcerated transgender men. They also included positive news stories like LGBT athletes making history at the olympics and high-ranking LGBT officials like Rachel Levine and Pete Buttigieg making professional and personal history themselves. 

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