Hot Off the Virtual Presses!! This week’s Wellness Roundup! Brought to you by your friends at LGBT HealthLink

Here’s Why HIV-Positive Queer May Be More Likely To Smoke

And other big LGBT wellness stories from the past week.

Why HIV-Positive Queer Men Smoke

Be careful who you date: a new study of HIV-positive queer men found that men who dated a smoker were five times more likely to smoke than people who dated non-smokers. Financial worries and having an anti-straight people bias also meant you were more likely to smoke.

LGBT Smokers Smoke Menthols More

Well, this is depressing: a new study found that LGBT smokers smoked menthol cigarettes 7% more often than straight smokers. Among women, the gap was nearly 10%. Somehow menthol’s minty flavor still leaves a bad taste in our mouth.

Mostly Heterosexuals Have Bad HealthSquare-icon

Turns out, health differs all along the rainbow. Mostly heterosexuals–people who fall between heterosexuality and bisexuality — are at higher risk for bad health, research found. A new review looked at over 60 research studies and found that mostly heterosexuals had worse health than heterosexuals but better health than bisexuals. Is being anything non-straight bad for your health?

Differences After Domestic Abuse

A study looking at victims of partner violence and abuse found that victims in same-sex relationships had more depression and violent behavior than people in opposite-sex relationships. They also did not have enough access to help.

Domestic Violence Among Black Gay, Bi Men

Research into partner violence and abuse among black gay and bi men found that 38% had experienced or caused violence within their current relationship, a rate higher than in relationships between black, straight couples. Drug and alcohol use were linked to this violence.

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