Network rolls out shocking LGBT smoking infographic & media blitz follows! 76k+ views!

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Daniella Matthews-Trigg
Program Administrator
Some seriously exciting Network news! 

In honor of the 50th anniversary Surgeon General report release on Friday, January 17th, The Network rolled out some HUGE new LGBT smoking numbers, and an infographic to illustrate them (and make em look cooler)!

click to enlarge!

The infograph was picked up by way more media than we could have hoped for, and we are so excited that this information is getting out there! The BuzzFeed article alone has gotten a whopping 76,000 views. So that’s probably more media exposure on LGBT tobacco than we’ve gotten in our whole history to now.

Check out all the articles below:

  1. Buzzfeed!
  2. Think Progress blog:
  3. Windy City Times:
  4. Southern for Life:
  5. San Diego Gay and Lesbian News:
  6. Instinct Magazine:
  7. EDGE on the net:
  8. Chicago Go Pride:
  9. Advocate:
  10. Autostraddle:

We literally came up with this idea last week about this time. So it’s utterly amazing that it went from a brainchild to splash this fast. Our deepest gratitude to the village of folk who made this possible including: CDC’s wonderful Brian King; the two ever-patient and thorough media Robins; our repository of all tobacco research knowledge Joseph Lee; uber researcher since forever Ron Stall;  early leader Judy Bradford; the grandfather of all LGBT tobacco Bob Gordon; our ever staunch ex-Pres of our Steering Committee Francisco Buchting; CenterLink’s great Terry & everediting Denise; tutor in media secrets Ian Abrahms; tutor in LGBT media Tracy Baim; our special agent on the spot Bill Blatt; Rich & everyone over at GLAAD; expert on the spot Phoenix Matthews; always there Matt & Sunnivie from The Advocate; and of course our hugely skilled superfast graphic designers, Joe & Erik of plus our sweet allies at Buzzfeed who started the splash, Chris Geidner & Tony Merevick. *fistpump*

Would you like a PRINTED copy of the infograph? email us at (and include your address and how many you would like), and we will send to you! FREE!

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