New Resource to Guide Trans Inclusion on Surveys


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I’ve had the pleasure of working with some brilliant people for a few years now as part of the Williams Institute workgroup on Gender Identity in U.S. Surveillance, aka GenIUSS group! As more and more of us get pinged by feds and states about how to include trans measures in surveys and research, this is the place the researchers have come together to discuss the state of trans measurement. Many of us have conducted cognitive testing on questions, so you can imagine, the discussions get really chewy fast.

So, it’s with great pleasure that we share the release of the first GenIUSS resource reviewing the state of the arena on trans measurement for full population studies. (<- that’s important, because we’d ask different questions on community-based surveys). This is only an interim resource, because GenIUSS will be creating a full report in the near future. But there’s been such interest we all felt it was important to help provide an overview of tested options for survey developers quickly. So please spread this far and wide because people need to know there are a range of tested trans measures that can be added to surveys. And big thanks to Gary Gates and Jody Herman over at Williams Institute for making this happen!

Download the full review here:

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