Setting the tone: Crafting an Agenda for the Black LGBT Community.

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    Trevoi Crump
   Guest Blogger 
   Setting the tone: Crafting an Agenda for the Black LGBT Community.

Ha, so you’re probably thinking, did he attend any other workshop where NBJC was not present? Yes! Yes, I did. However, NBJC and there resources were most beneficial to a lot of questions that I had upon arriving at Creating Change. Once again, this workshop was powerful, and also a little heated. I noticed during this presentation that when you place too many authoritive figures on a panel, things could either go well or things go go relatively bad. I believe during this particular presentation it was combination of both. Serving on the panel were many different people from different arenas of life such as: Earl Fowlkes, Jr – Center for Black Equity, Aisha Moodie-Mills – Center for American Progress, Stacy Long – National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Kylar Broadus – Trans People of Color Coalition and Curtis Lipscomb – Executive Director, KICK – The Agency for LGBT African Americans.

Many issues were discussed in the workshop, one that stuck out was how do we get better resources for the Black LGBT community, that are effective, so that we’re including the entire community. I learned that it will take work within ourselves before this can be accomplished. We continue to marginalize those issues in the Black Gay Community, that we don’t find to be important. And then we question why we don’t have accurate or up to date data. We as a community, need to produce more national surveys based around the Black LGBT community. Nonetheless, talking about these ideas is one thing. We need to identify exactly how to bridge the gap between not saying how we will achieve it, but actually achieving it! We must understand that many things that happen in our communities start with us! The question was posed “What is at stake if the Black LGBT community can’t seem to get our wealth together?” It was stated very simple. We as a race, won’t be here! It falls back to the power that consumes money and people. We have the peoople, but wheres the money. The Black LGBT community, has an extreme issue with complaining about the affects of what happens in our community. But we never donate to support each other, we can go out and pay $.475 for lattes or $40,000 for a car knowing we can’t afford it… but won’t set aside $20 to help build up resources for our community! Earl Fowlkes stated “We can’t continue to lift up one community. We have to lift everyone up, we are our brothers keeper.”

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