Emerging Leaders: Getting to know National Black Justice Coalition


Josh Gale
Guest Blogger
Emerging Leaders 


I attended a great workshop hosted by National Black Justice Coalition that was truly inspiring. That workshop was the most inspirational workshop I’ve been to thus far. I loved how they were all passionate about what they stood up for whether it be for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgender. One question was asked that caught my attention was when a woman asked how she can get the LGBT community to actually care about anything that goes on, such as gay bashing or discrimination. The answer that they gave really blew me away and that was that she could have events or show videos or clips to her college about how gay bashing and discrimination effects not only her but others around her. The overall idea is that if we find opportunities to share information in settings such as college campuses, churches, etc we have the ability to engage new folks in the movement and address concerns affecting the community. Any venue is a platform to share knowledge, and in doing so you cause sort a snowball effect per say and have people informed on whats going on with the community and urge them to pass on the knowledge. By them being aware of the issue at hand and have more attention set upon it hopefully will strike something up in her community. It was if they don’t just answer the question just to answer but they get with you on a personal level.

Another thing that stood out to me about NBJC workshop was their persuasiveness of giving the mind set of being in the category of the top 100 National Black Justice Coalition emerging leaders. I don’t know about anybody else but they truly got me pumped and motivated to become an activist  of NBJC’s emerging leaders. But the catch is you can’t just barely make this list you really have to work and prove that you fight for the issues in the LGBT community. Overall I really have to tip my hat off to NBJC because they truly gained all respect from me personally. All the members that I saw today were head strong and knew what they was talking about. They were prepared and provided an experience I will never forget. But the question they left with me was what can you as an individual do for your community. There are numerous ways I can but the big question is will it be affective?

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