National LGBTQI Young Adults Tobacco Working Group Convening Washington DC

So as you may have seen The Network has been supporting the National Youth Advocacy Coalition’s (NYAC), National Young Adult Survey via news and discussion posts to increase the surveys visibility to youth and young adults through all of your amazing programs. Well, last week I attend a convening of working group members to assess the findings of the national survey.

BUT to give you all a little background first…

The project was initially launched at the last LGBT tobacco summit in June 2009 where NYAC began recruiting LGBT advocate, allies, and community leaders to develop this amazing project funded by the American Legacy Foundation to conduct a national young adult tobacco survey. The project was developed to be guided by the working group, which is comprised of 11 amazing individuals (including myself) from around the country.

Two of the 11 are members of our Steering Committee (scroll over the picture to put a name to the face), Nicole Sutton from REAL a project of the Cancer Research Center in Hawaii, & Alicia K. Matthews from University of Illinois at Chicago: Howard Brown Health Center. This group of amazing individuals created a National Young Adult Tobacco Survey to look at some of the trends and smoking or non smoking patters of LGBTQI youth & young adults.

In total 43 community organizations participated in survey promotion and distribution, 5 organizations conduct focus groups and 14 individuals attending the work group convening to analyze the data. In total there were about 1000 surveys completed. This is such a great starting point in data collection for LGBTQI youth and young adults.

NYAC will soon release a report of the finding and we will be sure to get all of the great information out to each and every one of you. I think this was a great starting point and I am so appreciative of all of the people and organizations involved in this great survey! While I am not sharing any of the data at this point one thing I can say is that this was truly an amazing feat to conduct this survey and it would not have been done without NYAC’s initial vision and each and every one of the individuals and organizations involved. I am excited about the final report and assisting in the process of creating useful resources for our communities to utilize the data!

We will keep you all posted when the final report is released…

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