MPOWERED – Released

It is with great pride that the Network for LGBT Health Equity presents the MPOWERED: Best and Promising Practices for LGBT Tobacco Prevention and Control document.
Every disparity population struggles with the lack of precedent for their work, the lack of scientific testing of tailored strategies, and the lack of acknowledgement for the undeniable wisdom built by years of work in a field. The resources needed to build a portfolio of evidence-based tobacco interventions are rarely available for disparity populations, creating a catch-22 whereby existing strategies that could perhaps become evidence-based tobacco interventions are not tested. There needs to be a middle ground between having a portfolio of evidence-based tobacco interventions and little information on best practices at all, one where existing strategies are subjected to rigorous review and the best collected for dissemination. The Network for LGBT Health Equity has reviewed the science to date and engaged in a yearlong process to build just such a document—the document you see here.

We are very proud of the hundreds of hours of volunteer effort put into this document by community reviewers and network leaders. Our Best Practices Committee has done an outstanding job not just tackling this problem but literally building a new precedent to assemble such a collection of best and promising practices. I know of nowhere else where you will find such a science-based, community and expert reviewed assemblage of effective strategies in one place.

We have tried to keep this document as simple and straightforward as possible. But do not let its length belie the effort behind each line, each strategy. An untold number of people running local LGBT tobacco control programs have struggled to build this wisdom base. As each person reads and uses this document, these pioneers can be assured that their efforts will live on.

Click the link below to automatically download your copy:

MPOWERED: Best and Promising Practices for LGBT Tobacco Prevention and Control 

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