Ending Exclusions Under Obamacare

By: Andrew Shaughnessy @andrewshag For the LGBT community health is a complicated matter. It is further complicated when health insurance companies deny or exclude certain forms of coverage that for some are basic health needs. For LGBT folks seeking gender-affirming health care coverage barriers exist at every turn — until the Affordable Care Act. OrContinue reading “Ending Exclusions Under Obamacare”

Upcoming! Sixth Annual Genderevolution conference, Salt Lake City UT

Sixth Annual Genderevolution 2014 Conference: Love Your Queer Body Saturday, November 15th, 2014 The purpose of the Genderevolution is to: Foster community building among trans* folk and allies alike, to help create a strong and safe space to push gender boundaries in the Salt Lake City area. Educate employees, cisgender/non-trans* folk, trans* folk, health and mental care providers,Continue reading “Upcoming! Sixth Annual Genderevolution conference, Salt Lake City UT”

“It’s Your Time To Shine!” 2014 LGBTQ Youth Regional Retreats Recap

National Youth Pride Services recently hosted it’s 2014 “It’s Your Time To Shine” Regional Retreat series in Detroit, Michigan (Midwest), Columbia, South Carolina (South) and Washington D.C. (East) thanks to sponsors CenterLink, Lambda Legal, 3LW TV, South Carolina Black Pride, Palmetto AIDS Life Support Services and Al Sura. The retreat was designed to uplift, inspireContinue reading ““It’s Your Time To Shine!” 2014 LGBTQ Youth Regional Retreats Recap”

Missouri Case Study 10 – Making LGBT Health Matter in Missouri Hospitals

Andrew Shaughnessy Manager of Public Policy, PROMO Missouri @andrewshag This year has proven to be a monumental year for LGBT Missourians. Those monumental steps have been the recognition of out-of-state marriages by the State of Missouri, and the leadership of nearly 47 Missouri hospitals, who have included 105 new LGBT welcoming policies to their coreContinue reading “Missouri Case Study 10 – Making LGBT Health Matter in Missouri Hospitals”

LGBT Wellness Roundup: October 5

As published on Huffington Post’s new LGBT Wellness blog, see original at: http://ow.ly/DhVNO Each week HuffPost Gay Voices, in a partnership with bloggers Liz Margolies and Scout, brings you a round up of some of the biggest LGBT wellness stories from the past seven days. For more LGBT Wellness, visit our page dedicated to the topic here. TheContinue reading “LGBT Wellness Roundup: October 5”

The Black Bisexual Experience Presentation at Out on the Hill Conference

Faith Cheltenham, President of BiNet USA Blogging from the National Black Justice Coalition’s Out on the Hill Conference. On the 2nd day of the NBJC Out on the Hill Conference I was honored to present one of the very first presentation/panel discussions on the black bisexual experience from inside Capitol Hill’s Hart Senate building. FromContinue reading “The Black Bisexual Experience Presentation at Out on the Hill Conference”

Putting the I in LGBTQI

    E. Shor, MPH Wisconsin Population Health Service Fellow through UW-Madison   Blogging Live from: the LGBTI Health Research Conference   This has been a jam-packed day so far and it is only half over at the LGBTI Health Research Conference. There have been speakers addressing data collection on sexual orientation and gender identity,Continue reading “Putting the I in LGBTQI”

#BWLGBTI Day 2: Perfect time, perfect place

Dwayne Steward LGBTQ Health Advocate  Columbus Public Health As I continue into the second day of the LGBTI Health Research Conference at Baldwin Wallace University, it struck me as pretty powerful that the BW’s president Robert Helmer opened the first day of seminars with the words “this is the perfect time and the perfect placeContinue reading “#BWLGBTI Day 2: Perfect time, perfect place”

Reflections on Trans Health 2014

       #bishopmakalani-mahee    Philly the City of Trans Love    Bishop S.F. Makalani-MaHee       Health begins with wellness, and out of wellness comes wholeness defined as containing all components; not divided or dis-joined.  The Trans community is reaching out for visibility, community, and health.  I found this posting on my friendContinue reading “Reflections on Trans Health 2014”

Revolutionary: Asking the Hard Questions

    Bishop S.F. Makalani-Mahee Minister. Performing Artist. Community Organizer       One of the blessings I receive from attending conferences such as Philly Trans Health is the intentional creation of space for dialogue, dialogue  that not shares experience, strength, and hope; but dialogue that challenges our thoughts, assumptions, and bias.  Here the keynotesContinue reading “Revolutionary: Asking the Hard Questions”