National Partners Meeting… View Of The Future in Tobacco Prevention & Control

    Gustavo Torrez Program Manager The Network for LGBT Health Equity National Partners Meeting   Scout and I are in Atlanta for the yearly National Partners Meeting. With 70 National Partners in the room, todays agenda is really focusing on collaborations and priorities in tobacco prevention and control. Dr. Tim McAfee opened the morningContinue reading “National Partners Meeting… View Of The Future in Tobacco Prevention & Control”

A SHIFT happened in Minnesota

    Brian Davis, Project Director of Freedom From Tobacco Scholarship Blogger, Summit 2012 reflections A SHIFT happened in Minnesota             What a great presentation yesterday at the LGBTQ Health Equity Summit from the inspired youth of SHIFT Minnesota!  SHIFT is run by and for LGBTQ youth, so they knowContinue reading “A SHIFT happened in Minnesota”

Summit Youth Track SUCCESS!!!

The Youth Track at this year’s Summit blew us away. Sure, we had high hopes for the almost thirty folks under the age of 25 who attended the Summit, but we were FLOORED by their dedication, passion, and innovation in creating a sustainable and inspiring direction for youth and young adult involvement in the Network,Continue reading “Summit Youth Track SUCCESS!!!”

One Data Set Does Not Fit All

Ricky Hill Guest Blogger, Reporting from the National Conference on Tobacco or Health This morning, I had the privilege of attending Reaching Priority Communities and Supporting Policies, a panel consisting of the six sister networks of CDC disparity populations – Break Free Alliance, National African-American Tobacco Prevention Network,  Asian Pacific Partners for Empowerment and Leadership,Continue reading “One Data Set Does Not Fit All”

Will tax increase on tobacco deter smokers?

  By Hector Martinez Network Blogger Cigarette Tax Increase  I attended a meeting where proponents of a tax increase on tobacco showcased the importance of tobacco control. If  California Proposition 29, the Tobacco Tax for Cancer Research Act is approved by voter, it will increase the tobacco tax by a $1.00 here in CA. The tax isContinue reading “Will tax increase on tobacco deter smokers?”

They’re Still Talking Bout YOU

Hay Network Hay, Last week I went to a training by La Tanisha Wright, former trade marketing manager for Brown and Williamson Co (now a part of RJ Reynolds), currently a fierce anti-tobacco/tobacco control activist. This was some of the most interesting information that I have heard to date about how the tobacco corporations screwContinue reading “They’re Still Talking Bout YOU”

Tobacco Trends in Next Five Years

by Scout Director, National LGBT Tobacco Control Network Hey y’all, we’re at the closing plenary of the CDC tobacco conference listening to Dr. Andrew Highland give an update of tobacco trends over the next five years. Let me try to match this guys speedtalking with some speednotetaking, ok? (and mucho gracias to him for theContinue reading “Tobacco Trends in Next Five Years”

Nutrition, physical activity & tobacco? Bring it on!

by Scout Network Director CDC’s Wellness Conference + hotmath This is it folk, the first time ever CDC has convened not just the state tobacco control staff from around the country, but our new partners in the latest greatest health mashup, the nutrition and exercise folk too! So it seems like hot new math forContinue reading “Nutrition, physical activity & tobacco? Bring it on!”