“My Name is Sherrill and I’m a Recovering Smoker”

  Sherrill Wayland, MSW SAGE Metro St. Louis         “My Name is Sherrill and I’m a Recovering Smoker” This was my opening comment for the “Voices of Community Partners” Panel, during the Community Engagement to Address Tobacco-related Health Disparities Pre-Conference at SRNT.  If you had told me a year ago that IContinue reading ““My Name is Sherrill and I’m a Recovering Smoker””

SRNT Poster Watch: Tobacco Use Among LGBT Atlantans

    The Network for LGBT HEalth Equity Makin’ sure you don’t miss a THING…       Drum roll please! We are excited to present to you a poster from Georgia State University, Division of Respiratory Health (and check out the great the skeleton image)! Background: Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people areContinue reading “SRNT Poster Watch: Tobacco Use Among LGBT Atlantans”

SRNT Poster watch: An Examination of poly-tobacco use in sexual and gender minority individuals

    Real-time reporting from SRNT brought to you by your trusty Network       As you may know, the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco 19th Annual International Meeting is taking place this week in Boston! We wanted to give a shout-out to some of our friends (and heroes) in LGBT Tobacco ControlContinue reading “SRNT Poster watch: An Examination of poly-tobacco use in sexual and gender minority individuals”

SRNT Update 5: The New Wave of Cessation

Scary time today.  Early this morning I received a text from back home in Hawaii about all this crazy tsunami stuff after the terrible earthquake in Chile.  Worried all morning about my family back home, it was hard to really have my head in the game.  I still managed to take in some posters andContinue reading “SRNT Update 5: The New Wave of Cessation”

SRNT Update 4: Tobacco and People Living With Cancer and HIV/AIDS

So this is day 3 for me in Baltimore and so far, aside of a little detour into food-poisoning-land, it’s been great.  Last night I got to see the touring Broadway show In The Heights and got to see it snow for the first time in my life. Both were great, in case you wereContinue reading “SRNT Update 4: Tobacco and People Living With Cancer and HIV/AIDS”

SRNT Update 3: Means to and ENDS

An interesting discussion emerged from Dr. Nathan Cobb’s presentation on E-cigarettes.  First and foremost, he asked, they not be called E-cigarettes, because it implies it is from tobacco, which E-cigs don’t contain tobacco.  Rather, they are Electronic Nicotine Delivery System, or ENDS for short.  In my own home state some people are looking towards ENDSContinue reading “SRNT Update 3: Means to and ENDS”

SRNT Update 2: The Power of Communications

During the first Paper Sessions at the SRNT conference, there were a few things that stuck with me.  Here’s a quick rundown Culture and Communications… Back in Hawaii there is a small movement to stop segregating data by ethnicity.  You see, in Hawaii it’s hard to find someone who’s just one thing, usually most peopleContinue reading “SRNT Update 2: The Power of Communications”