Reflections on Trans Health 2014

       #bishopmakalani-mahee    Philly the City of Trans Love    Bishop S.F. Makalani-MaHee       Health begins with wellness, and out of wellness comes wholeness defined as containing all components; not divided or dis-joined.  The Trans community is reaching out for visibility, community, and health.  I found this posting on my friendContinue reading “Reflections on Trans Health 2014”

Revolutionary: Asking the Hard Questions

    Bishop S.F. Makalani-Mahee Minister. Performing Artist. Community Organizer       One of the blessings I receive from attending conferences such as Philly Trans Health is the intentional creation of space for dialogue, dialogue  that not shares experience, strength, and hope; but dialogue that challenges our thoughts, assumptions, and bias.  Here the keynotesContinue reading “Revolutionary: Asking the Hard Questions”

Philly the City of Trans Love

    #bishopmakalani-mahee Philly the City of Trans Love Bishop S.F. Makalani-MaHee       The moment I got off the plane I felt it.   While I was waiting for the shuttle bus to take me to my hotel in downtown Philly another transman just looks at me and extends a brotherly greeting , andContinue reading “Philly the City of Trans Love”

Reflecting on a Wonderful Weekend

 By Lexi Adsit, Guest Blogger Presenting on the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference If you haven’t already, I would definitely suggest reading Emilia’s reflections on this weekend. Mine however, are a bit more constructive. Every time I travel or go to a conference around something Trans, Queer, or Activist. I can’t help but feel a littleContinue reading “Reflecting on a Wonderful Weekend”

Philly Trans-Health Conference Wrap-Up

by Emilia Dunham Program Associate As I collect myself psychologically from both a fantastic conference that hits so close to home (and… tornadoes that hit a little too close to our car), I’m left with several take-aways. From the past blog entries, you can see that there some absolutely fabulous strides in research, policy, andContinue reading “Philly Trans-Health Conference Wrap-Up”

Transgender Science: Biology and Identity

by Emilia Dunham Program Associate Laura Erickson-Schroth, MD, psychiatry resident at NYU presented on a fascinating topic at the Philly Trans-Health Conference: Transgender Science: Biology and Identity. She is the editor of Trans Bodies, Trans Selves, a resource guide by and for transgender and gender non-conforming communities. Laura discussed the latest on Brain Gender Theory – basicallyContinue reading “Transgender Science: Biology and Identity”

Trans People and Disabilities: Making Access to Health Care and Other Systems Equitable and Accountable

by Emilia Dunham Program Associate, Reporting from the Philly Trans-Health Conference This afternoon I attended a great session on trans people with disabilities and creating access in healthcare and systems by Zosia Zaks. The presentation mostly on issues regarding trans people with autism, which I didn’t realize but was quite interesting to me as I workedContinue reading “Trans People and Disabilities: Making Access to Health Care and Other Systems Equitable and Accountable”

Providing Access to Sex-Segregated Systems and Services

by Emilia Dunham Program Associate, reporting on the Philly Trans-Health Conference Every trans person has to struggle with accessing sex-segregated services. We have to deal with formal and informal restrictions to certain spaces, and face opposition from people who vehemently don’t want us to be there. The organization FORGE in Milwaukee for trans people andContinue reading “Providing Access to Sex-Segregated Systems and Services”

Day 1 Session 4: T-GUAVA Workshop for Trans Youth on Dating, Abuse, and Health Relationships

 By Lexi Adsit, Guest Blogger Presenting on Philadelphia Trans Health Conference Oh, to be young and trans again! Oh, wait I am rather young and Trans! haha. In session 4 I met Morgan M. Page of T-GUAVA (Trans Girls United Against Violent Assault) who facilitated a really resource-rich trans youth workshop around dating, healthy relationships,Continue reading “Day 1 Session 4: T-GUAVA Workshop for Trans Youth on Dating, Abuse, and Health Relationships”

Trans Aging and Policies

by Emilia Dunham Reporting on the Philly Trans Health Conference The last session I attend in day 1 was perhaps one of the most enlightening of the day. Serena Worthington of Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders (SAGE) and others presented on issues facing trans elders and steps to be done.  There needs to be just asContinue reading “Trans Aging and Policies”