“Home-Queer-Home” Rural Organizing

By Alex Aldana Blogging Scholarship Recipient Recap on Saturday’s SONG Rural Organizing workshop       A wrong turn down the second floor, in the hopes I could find the nearest wash room, and listening to the  echoes of vivid voices  on this particular room,, made me forget about my personal deeds in the toilet to whatContinue reading ““Home-Queer-Home” Rural Organizing”

Branding and Design in Advocacy

By Hale Thompson, Guest Blogger for the Network for LGBT Health Equity at Netroots Nation 2011 Logos and tag lines–branding–are really important, underutilized communication tools in the advocacy world. Designers from the Obama 2008 campaign and the Democratic National Committee presented some key tips for creating a brand that will help move you or yourContinue reading “Branding and Design in Advocacy”