Passing the Skinny, Young, Good-Looking Guys

As published on Huffington Post’s new LGBT Wellness blog, see original at: As I travel around the country for the Network for LGBT Health Equity, I get to hear the greatest stories from people. I heard a local newspaper profiled Robert Boo’s incredible wellness story, so I asked him to tell me more. It all started withContinue reading “Passing the Skinny, Young, Good-Looking Guys”


thoughts of e.shor CBPR stands for community based participatory research. CBPR is my personal heaven because it means that I get to sit around a table in community and have good, hard discussion that drive research about public health in community. Today, from keynote speaker Dr. Joshua Rosenberger, i learned to reconceptualize CBPR in aContinue reading “CBPR ?”


by e.shor The discussion of HIV has “traditionally” been centered around gay men in the LGBTQI community, but in the last ten years we have found more information on the intersections of HIV with communities of color, transgender folks (mostly transgender women, but not exclusively), and people over the age of 50. I mention theseContinue reading “Respect”

Sunday Keynote: Cindy Stone

by e.shor Cindy Stone = education and entertainment! This afternoon Cindy presented a dynamic view into the Intersex Society of North America (ISNA) and her experiences with being diagnosed and living with an intersex condition. To quote ISNA, “Intersex” is a general term used for a variety of conditions in which a person is born with aContinue reading “Sunday Keynote: Cindy Stone”

Stuck in Milwaukee

by e.shor The 2011 LGBTI Health Conference could not have come at a better time. I love a good conference just as much as any other justice minded queer, but on top of that, here in Minnesota we are dealing with some very real issues directly impacting LGBTQI health. Let me paint a picture forContinue reading “Stuck in Milwaukee”

Introducing Health Summit Blogging Scholar Emily (e.shor) Shor

by Emilia Dunham Program Associate   We’re thilled to have Emily Shor who prefers e.shor represent us at the National LGBTI Health Summit in Bloomington Indiana! e.shor will be blogging for us, so follow all posts here throughout the weekend and next week! e.shor is the Project Coordinator on a Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) grant throughContinue reading “Introducing Health Summit Blogging Scholar Emily (e.shor) Shor”

Scholarship Opportunity! National LGBTI Health Summit 2011

The Network is once again offering a blogging scholarship opportunity! Please apply to be sent to a fantastic LGBTI health summit! The 2011 National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex (LGBTI) Health Summit will be held in beautiful Bloomington, Indiana July 16-19 2011. The LGBTI Health Summit is an opportunity for individuals working for the healthContinue reading “Scholarship Opportunity! National LGBTI Health Summit 2011”

2011 National LGBTI Health Summit in Indiana: Call for Abstracts

Dear Colleagues, Indiana University Health Bloomington and the Local Steering committee of the 2011 National LGBTI Health Summit are proud to announce our call for abstracts. Abstracts may be submitted at until April 15th, 2011. We invite you to spend a few days in Bloomington working intensively with colleagues from all over the nationContinue reading “2011 National LGBTI Health Summit in Indiana: Call for Abstracts”