CDC’s #20Million Memorial

#20Million Memorial Just a mere fifty years ago, the U.S. Surgeon General released its first report on smoking and health. It’s sad to report that since then, there have been an estimated 20 million deaths in the United States, all from smoking and/or exposure to secondhand smoke. To put 20 million into perspective, there areContinue reading “CDC’s #20Million Memorial”

Tobacco Control In LGBT Communities: A journey through this valuable report

As I am sure you are aware on Tuesday Legacy released a new report: Tobacco Control In LGBT Communities. This report is another to hit the national stage to address the growing concern of tobacco use and the affect it has on LGBT people. The layout of this report is quite nice, first addressing Legacy’sContinue reading “Tobacco Control In LGBT Communities: A journey through this valuable report”

LGBT Tobacco Control Efforts Taking The Spotlight

    Gustavo Torrez Program Manager The Network for LGBT Health Equity MPOWERED: Taking on CDC  LGBT Communities smoke at rates 68% higher than the general population there is much work to be done to protect, and preserve our community, and many reasons that this disparity exists. Yesterday, Legacy released a report titled Tobacco ControlContinue reading “LGBT Tobacco Control Efforts Taking The Spotlight”

LGBT Communities & Tobacco Use Report Release LIVE WEBCAST TODAY

LGBT Communities & Tobacco Use A recent article in the American Journal of Public Health analyzed nationally representative survey results and found that Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people smoke cigarettes at rates that are nearly 70 percent higher than the general population. Legacy is committed to raising awareness of the high prevalence ofContinue reading “LGBT Communities & Tobacco Use Report Release LIVE WEBCAST TODAY”