Missouri Case Study 11 – Reviewing LGBT Welcoming Policies in Rural Missouri Hospitals

By: Andrew Shaughnessy Manager of Public Policy, PROMO Missouri @AndrewShag At the beginning of February 2015, LGBT advocates in Missouri began reviewing our second list of hospitals on their LGBT welcoming policies. Having successfully accomplished several LGBT policy victories during our first round of outreach, we began to tackle a new beast — rural Missouri. Choosing 10 hospitalsContinue reading “Missouri Case Study 11 – Reviewing LGBT Welcoming Policies in Rural Missouri Hospitals”

Trans First World Problems

  Bishop S.F. Makalani-Mahee Minister. Performing Artist. Community Organizer         So I’m sitting in  this workshop at Philly Trans Health Conference entitled “Everything in Africa is Gendered”  given by  a south African trans woman of color, and before the workshop even begins she comes over to me introduces herself and tells meContinue reading “Trans First World Problems”

Tobacco Control In LGBT Communities: A journey through this valuable report

As I am sure you are aware on Tuesday Legacy released a new report: Tobacco Control In LGBT Communities. This report is another to hit the national stage to address the growing concern of tobacco use and the affect it has on LGBT people. The layout of this report is quite nice, first addressing Legacy’sContinue reading “Tobacco Control In LGBT Communities: A journey through this valuable report”

October/November Updates from the Network

The Network started October with new data from the 2009-2010 National Adult Tobacco Survey, confirming the need for LGBT culturally tailored efforts in the tobacco control movement. The historic release of national surveillance data on LGBT tobacco use data was released in the American Journal for Public Health finding that 32.8% of LGBT people nationallyContinue reading “October/November Updates from the Network”