#BWLBGTI Day 2 Post-Lunch: Revisiting sexual health

Dwayne Steward  LGBTQ Health Advocate Columbus Public Health After lunch at day 2 of the LGBTI Health Research Conference at Baldwin Wallace is all about sexual health. Historically this would have been the bulk of such a conference as this. As most of us know, pathology-focused research on homosexuality and gender diversity, along with theContinue reading “#BWLBGTI Day 2 Post-Lunch: Revisiting sexual health”

#BWLGBTI Day 2: Perfect time, perfect place

Dwayne Steward LGBTQ Health Advocate  Columbus Public Health As I continue into the second day of the LGBTI Health Research Conference at Baldwin Wallace University, it struck me as pretty powerful that the BW’s president Robert Helmer opened the first day of seminars with the words “this is the perfect time and the perfect placeContinue reading “#BWLGBTI Day 2: Perfect time, perfect place”

Out2Enroll: Getting LGBT communities connected to care!

    Network for LGBT Health Equity Out2Enroll LGBT Communities   #GetCovered        The Network for LGBT Health Equity, along with CenterLink: The Community of LGBT Centers would like to announce the roll-out of our #GetCovered ad campaign, highlighting the experiences of uninsured and underinsured LGBT folks and the barriers they faced accessing healthcare prior toContinue reading “Out2Enroll: Getting LGBT communities connected to care!”

Sunday Keynote: Cindy Stone

by e.shor Cindy Stone = education and entertainment! This afternoon Cindy presented a dynamic view into the Intersex Society of North America (ISNA) and her experiences with being diagnosed and living with an intersex condition. To quote ISNA, “Intersex” is a general term used for a variety of conditions in which a person is born with aContinue reading “Sunday Keynote: Cindy Stone”