NETROOTS NATION: LGBT Pre-Conference Connect

by Hale Thompson, Guest Blogger for the Network at NETROOTS NATION 2011 Good afternoon from Minneapolis and the Netroots LGBT Pre-Conference. This morning I had the privilege to hear from a room full of caffeinated LGBT activists, jounalists, and community leaders. Some of the most salient issues our various LGBT communities are facing were offeredContinue reading “NETROOTS NATION: LGBT Pre-Conference Connect”

LGBT Population Research Center Mtg on Intersectionality – part 1

Scout, Network Director Reporting from the Intersectionality Working Group Meeting of the LGBT Population Center at The Fenway Institute Boston, MA     Meeting Background The Fenway Institute has another really cool project (in addition to ours), the LGBT Population Research Center. This is the first federally funded population research center that focuses on us.Continue reading “LGBT Population Research Center Mtg on Intersectionality – part 1”

LGBQQ Youths Wanted: For Online Health Behavior Survey

by John Blosnich, guest blogger Greetings, A research study funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) at the West Virginia University (WVU) Department of Community Medicine seeks participants to complete an online survey about sexual orientation, health behaviors and life experiences.  We are looking for people who: •     Are between 18-24 years ofContinue reading “LGBQQ Youths Wanted: For Online Health Behavior Survey”

Action Alert- Attn Orgs! Sign on to Create an Office of LGBT Health

The federal Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is considering creating a dedicated Office of LGBT Health. This would be an incredible affirmation of the importance of LGBT health and would help keep LGBT health concerns high on the list of priorities for attention, funding, and programming. HHS is expected to make this decision before Thanksgiving. Due to the tight timeline, we are asking groups and organizations to sign on to the letter below by not later than 1 PM EST tomorrow (Friday, 11/20).
If your group or organization would like to sign on, please email Kellan Baker, Policy Associate at the National Coalition for LGBT Health, at Please do not hesitate to contact Kellan with any questions.