Population Center Presentions on LGBT Aging and Disabilities

By Emilia Dunham Program Associate, National LGBT Tobacco Control Network This morning I had the privilege of attending the Keynote address of Fenway Health’s Population Center‘s presentations by Brian DeVries “LGBT Persons in the Second Half of Life” followed by a Lisa Iezzoni talk on “Disabilities and Chronic Conditions. From Brian’s talk, I learned thatContinue reading “Population Center Presentions on LGBT Aging and Disabilities”

The LGBT Tobacco Policy Update You All Have Been Waiting For

We got a few different policy updates from the good folk working on tobacco policy at a national level. So, here for your edification, is the 200% unofficial Scout-version of what might have been said, rumored, or implied. As per usual, all errors are probably someone else’s fault, and all correct information is absolutely to my credit.