Ending Exclusions Under Obamacare

By: Andrew Shaughnessy @andrewshag For the LGBT community health is a complicated matter. It is further complicated when health insurance companies deny or exclude certain forms of coverage that for some are basic health needs. For LGBT folks seeking gender-affirming health care coverage barriers exist at every turn — until the Affordable Care Act. OrContinue reading “Ending Exclusions Under Obamacare”

Vice President shout-out to LGBT community for ACA enrollment awesomeness

The Network for LGBT Health Equity Keepin’ you in the loop!  Passing on the good news!        With the end of open enrollment only a few days away, Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of Health Kathleen Sebelius hosted a call yesterday thanking LGBT community centers, health centers, and organizations for their work inContinue reading “Vice President shout-out to LGBT community for ACA enrollment awesomeness”

Out2Enroll: Getting LGBT communities connected to care!

    Network for LGBT Health Equity Out2Enroll LGBT Communities   #GetCovered        The Network for LGBT Health Equity, along with CenterLink: The Community of LGBT Centers would like to announce the roll-out of our #GetCovered ad campaign, highlighting the experiences of uninsured and underinsured LGBT folks and the barriers they faced accessing healthcare prior toContinue reading “Out2Enroll: Getting LGBT communities connected to care!”

With health insurance domestic partners in the Capital

Puerto Rico’s capital city, San Juan, will be the first  to have a health insurance that will include domestic partners. The directive, issued on January 17 and announced Sunday by Cruz Soto states that the health plan that is negotiated by the Municipality of San Juan should consider as beneficiary the partner of any employeeContinue reading “With health insurance domestic partners in the Capital”