CDC’s #20Million Memorial

#20Million Memorial Just a mere fifty years ago, the U.S. Surgeon General released its first report on smoking and health. It’s sad to report that since then, there have been an estimated 20 million deaths in the United States, all from smoking and/or exposure to secondhand smoke. To put 20 million into perspective, there areContinue reading “CDC’s #20Million Memorial”


                  Michael G. Bare, MPH Program Coordinator National LGBT Cancer Network  As you may have heard CVS pharmacy announced that it will no longer be carrying cigarettes and tobacco products. The CEO of CVS, whose father smoked and died young from cancer, stated that “cigarettes and tobaccoContinue reading “CVS PHARMACY, TOBACCO AND THE LGBT COMMUNITY”

Cigarette butts: why are we still throwing them on the ground?!?!

  Daniella Matthews-Trigg Program Associate Attempting to air my pet peeves in a constructive way          Did you know that CIGARETTE BUTTS ARE THE NO.1 MOST LITTERED ITEM ON US ROADWAYS AND THE NO. 1 MOST FOUND ITEM ON BEACHES AND IN WATERWAYS WORLDWIDE?! Whoa. A survey released in April by Legacy showsContinue reading “Cigarette butts: why are we still throwing them on the ground?!?!”

WIN! CDC gets in on pride fabulosity

    The Network for LGBT Health Equity Makin’ sure you see the COOL stuff         Exciting news! You know the CDC’s Tips from Former Smoker’s campaign? Well, in honor of pride month (whooooo!), the CDC has come out with a very cool graphic specifically targeted to the LGBT community: When theContinue reading “WIN! CDC gets in on pride fabulosity”