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Sassy new ad and infograph highlight LGBT smoking disparity in California



Brian Davis, Project Director
Freedom From Tobacco





New video and infographic resources were unveiled by California’s anti-tobacco partners for the LGBT community to address the disproportionate impact of tobacco within the community.  In California, the LGB community has one of the highest smoking rates of any group; lesbian, gay and bisexual individuals are twice as likely to smoke as the straight population, based on data collected as part of the California Adult Tobacco Survey (CATS) from 2005 to 2010 through the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System.

CATS does not currently identify Transgender status.  Future versions of the survey will hopefully rectify this problem, so that we will have more complete data on all of our communities in subsequent reports.  Although this limitation is by no means confined to California data, we do know from multiple sources that the LGBTQ population nationally smokes anywhere from 50% to 200% more than the general population.

Issues of highest concern:

  • The smoking prevalence of the California LGB population is twice as high as heterosexual adults (27.4 percent vs. 12.9 percent)
  • Lesbians smoke almost 3 times as much as straight women and gay men smoke almost two times as much as straight men.
  • LGB Californians are nearly twice as likely as straight Californians to let someone smoke in their homes even if they don’t smoke.

The goal of these materials is to inform and drive conversations to help the LGBT community come together to fight tobacco. The groundbreaking new video, which premiered to appreciative audiences at the San Francisco LGBT Film Festival last June, sends the all-important message that our community members can help each other break free from tobacco. Hopefully the video will help change the perception of tobacco addiction from primarily being viewed as an individual problem to instead being regarded as a serious concern for the entire community to address.

 CTCP infographic LGB4

 Check out TobaccoFreeCA for more info and ads!

National Coalition for LGBT Health


DMT headshot2

Daniella Matthews-Trigg
Program Associate
National LGBT Health Awareness Week 2013



Remember how awesome Health Awareness Week was last year?! Well we have excellent news for you: It’s happening again! There is a lot to celebrate this year in the land of LGBT health!

Some LGBT health-related highlights this year…

CDC Reaches Out to LGBT People in Smoking Cessation Ads

NIH Issues Long-Awaited & Detailed Response to IOM LGBT Report

LGBT Communities & Tobacco Use Report Released

White House hosts Trans Day of Remembrance Meeting and Dr. Scout attends

“I AM: Trans People Speak” videos blow up the internet!


8th National LGBT Health Equity Summit held in Kansas City

Affordable Care Act upheld

Second Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Transsexual Health Summit of Puerto Rico is held

2012 LGBT Health Annual Report released

An awesome Trans Health webinar was held

Gay marriage made legal in 9 states

There are also lots of great awareness and education events happening this week around the country!

Once again, Out Queer Grads at UNM is rocking LGBT Health week with a health fair and performance festival! 421951_555437254476438_452370465_n

The University of California, San Francisco will be celebrating National LGBT Health Awareness Week on Tuesday, March 26, 2013 with an information table, free chair massages, blood pressure screenings, and a raffle to promote health and wellness!


If you’re hosting an events this week, please feel free to shoot us an email (, or post on our facebook page!