Sassy new ad and infograph highlight LGBT smoking disparity in California

  Brian Davis, Project Director Freedom From Tobacco           New video and infographic resources were unveiled by California’s anti-tobacco partners for the LGBT community to address the disproportionate impact of tobacco within the community.  In California, the LGB community has one of the highest smoking rates of any group; lesbian, gay and bisexualContinue reading “Sassy new ad and infograph highlight LGBT smoking disparity in California”


  Daniella Matthews-Trigg Program Associate National LGBT Health Awareness Week 2013     Remember how awesome Health Awareness Week was last year?! Well we have excellent news for you: It’s happening again! There is a lot to celebrate this year in the land of LGBT health! Some LGBT health-related highlights this year… CDC Reaches OutContinue reading “Happy NATIONAL LGBT HEALTH AWARENESS WEEK 2013”