Honestly, Signing up for Obamacare Was Hard but Worth It

 It’s a bit embarrassing to admit how difficult it was to sign up for health insurance on the new exchanges. As a public health professional who’s trying hard to spread the word that people need to #GetCovered, I was trying to studiously ignore how every time I called there was some problem in signing up.Continue reading “Honestly, Signing up for Obamacare Was Hard but Worth It”

It’s Not Too Late To Get Covered!

              Felecia King Project Specialist The Network for LGBT Health Equity   LGBT people make up for 3.5 percent of all Americans, bringing us to about nine million people. And, one in every three LGBT people don’t have health insurance (which is more than two times higher than theContinue reading “It’s Not Too Late To Get Covered!”

Out2Enroll: Getting LGBT communities connected to care!

    Network for LGBT Health Equity Out2Enroll LGBT Communities   #GetCovered        The Network for LGBT Health Equity, along with CenterLink: The Community of LGBT Centers would like to announce the roll-out of our #GetCovered ad campaign, highlighting the experiences of uninsured and underinsured LGBT folks and the barriers they faced accessing healthcare prior toContinue reading “Out2Enroll: Getting LGBT communities connected to care!”