Ending Exclusions Under Obamacare

By: Andrew Shaughnessy @andrewshag For the LGBT community health is a complicated matter. It is further complicated when health insurance companies deny or exclude certain forms of coverage that for some are basic health needs. For LGBT folks seeking gender-affirming health care coverage barriers exist at every turn — until the Affordable Care Act. OrContinue reading “Ending Exclusions Under Obamacare”

Taking a Breath: First Night at the Conference on LGBTI Health Research

Herukhuti, Ph.D., M.Ed. Professor, Goddard College Founder and CEO, Center for Culture, Sexuality and Spirituality I awoke this morning feeling a familiar restriction in my chest. Asthma held at bay a part of the air I depend upon to breathe. My rescue inhaler, acquired from someone else, read fourteen more puffs of relief medicine. IContinue reading “Taking a Breath: First Night at the Conference on LGBTI Health Research”

Vice President shout-out to LGBT community for ACA enrollment awesomeness

The Network for LGBT Health Equity Keepin’ you in the loop!  Passing on the good news!        With the end of open enrollment only a few days away, Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of Health Kathleen Sebelius hosted a call yesterday thanking LGBT community centers, health centers, and organizations for their work inContinue reading “Vice President shout-out to LGBT community for ACA enrollment awesomeness”

Honestly, Signing up for Obamacare Was Hard but Worth It

 It’s a bit embarrassing to admit how difficult it was to sign up for health insurance on the new exchanges. As a public health professional who’s trying hard to spread the word that people need to #GetCovered, I was trying to studiously ignore how every time I called there was some problem in signing up.Continue reading “Honestly, Signing up for Obamacare Was Hard but Worth It”

It’s Not Too Late To Get Covered!

              Felecia King Project Specialist The Network for LGBT Health Equity   LGBT people make up for 3.5 percent of all Americans, bringing us to about nine million people. And, one in every three LGBT people don’t have health insurance (which is more than two times higher than theContinue reading “It’s Not Too Late To Get Covered!”

Eldin the Cabbie: Wellness Policy Savant

by Scout Stay tuned, Institute over but more posts to come It’s been a busy week with posting to the blog, but stay tuned, it’s not done. We still have a few more posts to finalize about lessons from the Tobacco & Diabetes Training Institute 2010, and today our team splits forces to head intoContinue reading “Eldin the Cabbie: Wellness Policy Savant”