Institute 2010: The Business Case and Sustainability Workshop

Guest Blogger, Lisa Houston Break Free Alliance     The Business Case and Sustainability Linking the Business Case for Chronic Disease Program and Policy Sustainability kicked off with an overview of sustainability. Definitions of sustainability differ between organizations and programs, but     generally instructors Denise Cyzman (National Association of Chronic Disease Directors) and JayContinue reading “Institute 2010: The Business Case and Sustainability Workshop”

Tobacco Industry's Newest Target: Hipsters

In a recent Media Network Web-cast with the Office of Smoking Health, Stacey Anderson and her colleagues presented on their research: Acceptable Rebellion’: Marketing Hipster Aesthetics to Sell Camel Cigarettes in the U.S. As an urban resident myself, hipsters are a trademark of my area. Ever impressed with their sense of style, I’ll see hipstersContinue reading “Tobacco Industry's Newest Target: Hipsters”

Trans March in San Fran

I along with other Native American Transgender pariticpated in the Opening Ceremonies of the Trans March.  We were invited to conduct the Opening Blessing.  It was definately an honor to assist the American Indian Bay Area Two Spirit Society to be on stage.  Once the Opening Blessing was done, the show began with various  speakers, groups,Continue reading “Trans March in San Fran”

Frontline News: We Kicked the Grim Reaper’s Butt Out of the Castro!

I have been asked to share some of the background of and planning for “Kick the Grim Reaper’s Butt Out of the Castro!” in case people in other communities would like to have a Gay American Smokeout event of their own.