New Joint Policy Statement on Adding Disparity Pops to Health Funding Awards!

by Scout Reporting from some undisclosed location   To Change Health Disparities, We Must Change the Health Funding Streams A while back I wrote about some thoughts presented at the Tobacco Disparities Research Network meeting panel on how to collaborate and build sustainability. They asked at the end of the panel what the one thingContinue reading “New Joint Policy Statement on Adding Disparity Pops to Health Funding Awards!”

American Lung Association "Smoking Out a Deadly Threat: Tobacco Use in the LGBT Community" FREE Report

Please answer this short survey to receive a FREE copy of ALA’s new smoking report. Include at least your home or work address where you would like the report to be mailed as well as your email address if you would like to be entered into a Network Prize Package contest! Note: Supplies are limited,Continue reading “American Lung Association "Smoking Out a Deadly Threat: Tobacco Use in the LGBT Community" FREE Report”

American Lung Association: LGBT Smoking Report

by Emilia Dunham Network Program Associate On June 28th, I was privileged to participate in a webinar on the American Lung Association’s LGBT Smoking Report. Since data is dramatically lacking on LGBT smoking, this national survey was extremely important, so we can expect this research will have lasing implications! Below are some major points fromContinue reading “American Lung Association: LGBT Smoking Report”

TCN Strategies for Smoke-Free Air Policy Implementation

The Tobacco Technical Assistance Consortium (TTAC) held their second webinar in the 2010 Tobacco Control Network (TCN) series this week, “TCN Strategies for Smoke-Free Air Policy Implementation,” titled “The Devils in the Details: Achieving the New Gold Standard in Smoke-free Policies.” The call focused on helping participants Identify the updated or new provisions in model smoke-freeContinue reading “TCN Strategies for Smoke-Free Air Policy Implementation”

Resource Recap: June Edition

Our June resource recap kicks off with two articles that hit quite close to home, featured in the American Journal of Public Health. A systems analysis examined the cross-collaborations of five of the six national tobacco disparity networks, including us! The examination concluded that, “statistical network modeling promises to be a useful tool for understandingContinue reading “Resource Recap: June Edition”

Network hosting June 8th Webinar on HIV and Tobacco. Register today!

Please join the National Youth Advocacy Coalition and the National LGBT Tobacco Control Network in a web training designed to inform participants on the effects of tobacco on individuals living with HIV/AIDS and the importance of cessation within this population.