New Food Education Tools from Minnesota’s Southeast Asian Network

by Scout Director, Network for LGBT Health Equity Reporting from Minnesota   Usually as a technical assistance provider I’m zipping in and out of a situation barely getting to know people before I’m off to another place, problem, or project. But in some pleasant cases I get to really stick around and build relationships withContinue reading “New Food Education Tools from Minnesota’s Southeast Asian Network”

Rainbow Health Initiative LGBTQ Health Assessment – We Need Your Help

Hello all, I am requesting any of you that are willing to please forward this health assessment link to any and all LGBT listserves around the country. We are really hoping to get a good sampling of data from states other than MN. I would greatly appreciate this last push, We are closing the surveyContinue reading “Rainbow Health Initiative LGBTQ Health Assessment – We Need Your Help”

Tobacco Industry New Products

This afternoon Betsy Brock from Association for NonSmokers Rights – Minnesota (ANSR) came to show off some of her interesting collection of new tobacco products. With more and more clean air laws, the tobacco companies are really focusing on getting out non-combustible tobacco delivery products. We were pretty fascinated by many, some look like mintContinue reading “Tobacco Industry New Products”

Communications Example – Chicanos Latinos Unidos En Servicio (CLUES)

by Dr. Scout Director, National LGBT Tobacco Control Network (Faithful readers, I’ll wrap up the Communications talk later, but for now, the day is moving on, let me keep up). CLUES is one of the four statewide wellness (tobacco, diet, exercise) networks in Minnesota. This aft each network is presenting examples of communications pieces they’veContinue reading “Communications Example – Chicanos Latinos Unidos En Servicio (CLUES)”

Communications Training with Kinsale Communications (pt. 2)

New Media Hey, so that was fun. Steve brought up Facebook to demonstrate how important it was for Communications and by the time he did, I had this blog post up and on our FB wall. He went to the wall and then the post and the whole room went ‘cool!’ (and they thought IContinue reading “Communications Training with Kinsale Communications (pt. 2)”

Communications Training with Kinsale Communications

By Scout, Director, Network for LGBT Tobacco Control Morning all! Hey, I’m in a convening of the Minnesota statewide tobacco disparity networks and this morning we’ve got Steve Kinsella here, a former PR guy for Daschle and others, giving us a training on Communications Strategies. So… instead of taking notes, I thought, why not justContinue reading “Communications Training with Kinsale Communications”