by Dean Anderson Guest Blogger, Reporting from Creating Change It is time for LGBT folks everywhere to realize: We have a right to good health and good health care…   health care that is culturally competent, and wants to make you healthy. -What we do to support health, makes our lives better for EVERYONE! -ImprovingContinue reading “WE HAVE A RIGHT TO BE HEALTHY!”

Running the Right Way on a Moving Sidewalk

Megan Lee Blogger Scholar Walking Our Talk: Applying a Racial Justice Lens in Our Organizations Gita Gulati-Partee, OpenSource Leadership Strategies, Inc. In her book Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria, Beverly Daniel Tatum explains the roles we play in structures of systematic racism and white privilege as walking on aContinue reading “Running the Right Way on a Moving Sidewalk”

Designing a Survey Using Data to Gain Protections for LGBT People

by Emilia Dunham Program Associate Reporting on Creating Change This morning I attended a workshop on what has become an important but broken record in our community: LGBT data collection with Cristy Mallory, Jody Herman, and Masen Davis. They discussed some of the best practices for developing and including questions on sexual orientation and genderContinue reading “Designing a Survey Using Data to Gain Protections for LGBT People”

Policing of queer bodies today: how possession of condoms is a crime

With the striking down of sodomy laws in 2003 with Lawrence vs. Texas, sex between two people of the same gender in the privacy of  their own home was decriminalized.  However, queer bodies in public spaces are still policed, with the most marginalized in our LGBT communities affected. Take New York City for instance. The villageContinue reading “Policing of queer bodies today: how possession of condoms is a crime”

Creating Change Report: Obama Appointees List Recent Gains

Scout Director, Network for LGBT Health Equity Reporting from Creating Change 2011 Minneapolis, MN   It’s Easy to Forget How Far We’ve Come Now I’m a glass half full kinda guy, but I also think we’ll gain more if we keep pointing out places where HHS isn’t doing quite as much as we’d hoped forContinue reading “Creating Change Report: Obama Appointees List Recent Gains”

We actually made it to Minneapolis!

 By Megan Lee  Blogger Scholar Despite several cancelled and rescheduled flights, closed highways and interstates, and 22.3 inches of snow, Dean and I have officially made it to the 2011 Creating Change conference! We got in half-way through the Thursday Day Institutes (ours was a focus on Health Advocacy – check out Dean’s blog entryContinue reading “We actually made it to Minneapolis!”

Advocacy for LGBT Health

Dean Andersen Guest Blogger Finally we’re here!  Record snowfall and closed interstates couldn’t keep us away!  We finally arrived at the CREATING CHANGE Conference in Minneapolis!  How great to see so many like minded folks working to create positive change in their communities across the nation. Our first  session was a Health  Institute were we  learnedContinue reading “Advocacy for LGBT Health”

Creating Change- A blogger introduction

Good Morning from Creating Change! I am so happy to be participating in this amazing opportunity. I come to this conference as a training professional, studying for my masters in social work at the largest HIV/AIDS advocacy organization in New England, AIDS Action Committee. I also come to this conference also as a passionate activist, aContinue reading “Creating Change- A blogger introduction”

Welcome from Minneapolis (Creating Change)

by Emilia Dunham Network Program Associate Due to another blizzard (just business as usual at this point), I safely flew a day earlier to Minneapolis, MN for Creating Change and arrived mid-day. With my activities starting tomorrow I just wanted to write a “Welcome from Minneapolis” and introduce some of the exciting things I haveContinue reading “Welcome from Minneapolis (Creating Change)”