Queering Reproductive Justice

  Megan Lee   Blogger Scholar, reporting on Creating Change, Minneapolis 2011   Queering Reproductive Justice: The Intersection of Reproductive Health and LGBTQ Liberation Veronica Bayetti Flores, Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas Reproductive justice is the profound idea that everyone, regardless of race, age, ability, national origin, socio-economic status, spirituality, sexuality, language, gender identity and/or expression, has equal rightsContinue reading “Queering Reproductive Justice”

Reuniting our Movement with the 1963 Civil Rights Act.

 by Dean Andersen Guest Blogger, reporting at Creating Change, Minneapolis 2011 Our movement has always been a civil rights movement, from the Mattachine Society and the Daughters of Bilitis in the 1950’s to the Stonewall Riots of “69”, and the historic marches on Washington, all we have ever wanted was EQUAL CIVL RIGHTS!  Civil RightsContinue reading “Reuniting our Movement with the 1963 Civil Rights Act.”

Big News! Report on the National Center for Transgender Equality Survey

by Emilia Dunham Program Associate, reporting at Creating Change As you may know, we’re thrilled for the report of the largest ever national survey on transgender people. We are proud to have been involved in the development on inclusive of questions on tobacco and alcohol, but more than that, it’s great to finally have someContinue reading “Big News! Report on the National Center for Transgender Equality Survey”

Anti-LGBT Bias Violence and Reporting

by Emilia Dunham Program Associate, reporting at Creating Change workshop: National Reporting and Data-Driven Advocacy: Ending Anti-LGBTQ Violence with the NCAVP Today I attending a workshop on a familiar subject: LGBTQ biased violence. At Northeastern, I was involved with our Campus Center on Violence Against Women, realizing how little resources and information was provided andContinue reading “Anti-LGBT Bias Violence and Reporting”

Creating Change: Chrystos Gives 1st Ever Native American Plenary Speech

Scout Director, Network for LGBT Health Equity Report from Creating Change 2011 Minneapolis MN     Chrystos Some plenaries are inspiring, some are difficult, some are sobering and challenge us to really grow, and some are all. With a gathering of her fellow Native Americans, Chrystos took the stage for the latest Creating Change plenary.Continue reading “Creating Change: Chrystos Gives 1st Ever Native American Plenary Speech”


by Dean Andersen Guest Blogger, reporting from Creating Change, Minneapolis 2011 In the last session I attended we discussed obstacles and opportunities when promoting healthier LGBT communities.  We had an interesting discussion about folks who are raised being told they are worth something, verse folks being raised raised being told they are worthless!  Research showsContinue reading “Validation:”

Project H.E.A.L.T.H. (is awesome)

 Megan Lee  Blogger Scholar  Trailblazing for Transgender Health Kristina Wertz, Mason Davis, Michelle Enfield The list of things transgender people need to be healthy is extensive: medical care, insurance coverage, mental health services, substance abuse providers, gender identity specific non-discrimination laws, sexual health education and screenings, case management support, community and interpersonal supports. Oh, andContinue reading “Project H.E.A.L.T.H. (is awesome)”


 Megan Lee  Blogger Scholar Last night, the Trans Hospitality Suite (#1936, for those at the conference) hosted a screening of some short films by and about transgender, genderqueer, and intersex people/issues/stories from the Los Angeles Transgender Film Festival. From avant garde to hilarious (and sometimes both), the films portrayed reality and fiction with stunning clarity for the humorContinue reading “TranShorts”

All Sorts of Sexy!

Megan Lee  Blogger Scholar  Mapping Your Desire Dr. Jaime Grant, Ignacio Rivera, Jack Harrison, Amelie Zurn Interested in getting 100 queers in the same room, attentive and ready to learn? Talk about sex. Title the session “Mapping Your Desire” and create a workshop designed to create a “life-long journey toward sexual empowerment and a more justContinue reading “All Sorts of Sexy!”

Sodomy to Fare Evasion: Evolving LGBT Criminal Defense and Health Effects

    by Emilia Dunham   Program Associate, Reporting from Creating Change on “Beyond Lawrence V. Texas” Sodomy: you may know it’s been decriminalized for the past 8 years, but across the country many LGBT people are still unnecessarily criminalized. Though it’s not technically a crime to be LGBT, LGBT people are disproportionately affected by random offensesContinue reading “Sodomy to Fare Evasion: Evolving LGBT Criminal Defense and Health Effects”