SOMOS: Evaluation of an HIV Prevention Intervention for Latino Gay Men

The Latino Commission on AIDS is proud of the SOMOS home-grown intervention.  Unlike other HIV prevention interventions, SOMOS was designed specifically to arm Latino gay men with the tools to understand and combat homophobia.  Participants went through work groups focused on culture, stigma, masculinity, identity and community.  After the sessions, the participants produced a publicContinue reading “SOMOS: Evaluation of an HIV Prevention Intervention for Latino Gay Men”

It’s about the facts… Black and White really tells the story!

By Gustavo Torrez Reporting from 2010 National Coalition for LGBT Health Meeting OK OK I know what you are thinking, Really !?! what are you talking about Gustavo… Well, I attended a panel discussion today titled Prevention and Public Health with the following individuals: » Jeff Levi, Executive Director, Trust for America’s Health » NevenaContinue reading “It’s about the facts… Black and White really tells the story!”

Institute 2010: Tobacco Policy & Health Systems Change

by Scout While some of this workshop was deep talk from state viewpoint about changing systems, they did do a great review of best strategies for how to get a health care agency to integrate routine cessation interventions. Considering I bet every community has a few LGBT friendly docs with large natural LGBT patient populations,Continue reading “Institute 2010: Tobacco Policy & Health Systems Change”

The Tobacco & Diabetes Training Institute Reports

by Scout, Network Director This week the whole Network staff team and reps from each state are all down in Atlanta, attending The Institute 2010, a training event for people in tobacco and diabetes. We’ve been to one of these a few years ago, but this is the first time it’s combined with diabetes folkContinue reading “The Tobacco & Diabetes Training Institute Reports”

Queer youth of color calling us out!

Listening to the queer youth of color panel… and a few different times they’ve brought up one key point, both DADT (Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell) and marriage are campaigns that really just help adults. As the sharp youth from BAGLY (Boston’s youth group), “That’s for later. What are we going to do until then. We’reContinue reading “Queer youth of color calling us out!”