The Bisexual Community and HIV/AIDS

As part of last fall’s National Black Justice Coalition Conference, “Out on the Hill”, I attended a White House meeting on Gay and Bisexual Men and HIV/AIDS.  I came away from the meeting impressed by the level of concern that the White House and other partners in the fight to eradicate HIV/AID are consistently demonstrating.Continue reading “The Bisexual Community and HIV/AIDS”

The Bisexual History of HIV/AIDS, in Photos

“And I just want it known that there is someone out here remembering him with tenderness in my heart and tears in my eyes.” – Iris De La Cruz, Kool-AIDS On Ice 1981 Dr. David Lourea, a co-director of The Bisexual Center (founded in 1976), was also a pioneer in the fight to end HIV/AIDS.Continue reading “The Bisexual History of HIV/AIDS, in Photos”

The Black Bisexual Experience: Intersections Can Electrify To Save Lives

The National Black Justice Coalition, America’s leading Black LGBT civil rights organization focused on federal public policy, hosted the 5th annual OUT on the Hill Black LGBT Leadership Summit in Washington, DC, from September 24-27, 2014. As a black bisexual cisgender woman identified person attending Out on the Hill was an honor and a deepContinue reading “The Black Bisexual Experience: Intersections Can Electrify To Save Lives”

Bisexual Naming at National Black Justice Coalition Out on the Hill Conference

One of the great things we discussed at length during last week’s Bisexual Awareness Week (#biweek) was the bisexual identity, the many labels bi people consider using to describe their experiences and why. Awhile back the “Camels with Hammers” blog published a great piece that detailed the vital function that both labels and theContinue reading “Bisexual Naming at National Black Justice Coalition Out on the Hill Conference”