Opening Plenary with Earline Budd & Jamison Green!

 by Lexi Adsit, Guest blogger Presenting on Philadelphia Trans Health Conference After some brief introductions and a great welcoming message from Chief Bob of the Lenàpe Nation around indigenous solidarity and history of the land, the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference is getting started! The opening plenary is highlighting  two very inspiring and seasoned community activists, EarlineContinue reading “Opening Plenary with Earline Budd & Jamison Green!”

Introducing your Philadelphia Transgender Health Conference Blogger

 by Lexi Adsit, Guest Blogger Presenting on the Philadelphia Transgender Health Conference Hello hello hello! Lexi Adsit here from the San Francisco International Airport, getting ready to board my flight! So all of you know me, I’ll be blogging for the Philadelphia Transgender Health Conference and doing it quite a lot for all of you!Continue reading “Introducing your Philadelphia Transgender Health Conference Blogger”