Reuniting our Movement with the 1963 Civil Rights Act.

 by Dean Andersen Guest Blogger, reporting at Creating Change, Minneapolis 2011 Our movement has always been a civil rights movement, from the Mattachine Society and the Daughters of Bilitis in the 1950’s to the Stonewall Riots of “69”, and the historic marches on Washington, all we have ever wanted was EQUAL CIVL RIGHTS!  Civil RightsContinue reading “Reuniting our Movement with the 1963 Civil Rights Act.”


by Dean Andersen Guest Blogger, reporting from Creating Change, Minneapolis 2011 In the last session I attended we discussed obstacles and opportunities when promoting healthier LGBT communities.  We had an interesting discussion about folks who are raised being told they are worth something, verse folks being raised raised being told they are worthless!  Research showsContinue reading “Validation:”


by Dean Anderson Guest Blogger, Reporting from Creating Change It is time for LGBT folks everywhere to realize: We have a right to good health and good health care…   health care that is culturally competent, and wants to make you healthy. -What we do to support health, makes our lives better for EVERYONE! -ImprovingContinue reading “WE HAVE A RIGHT TO BE HEALTHY!”

Advocacy for LGBT Health

Dean Andersen Guest Blogger Finally we’re here!  Record snowfall and closed interstates couldn’t keep us away!  We finally arrived at the CREATING CHANGE Conference in Minneapolis!  How great to see so many like minded folks working to create positive change in their communities across the nation. Our first  session was a Health  Institute were we  learnedContinue reading “Advocacy for LGBT Health”