Understanding Pregnancy among Trans People – #LGBTWellness Roundup

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Understanding Pregnancy among Trans People

Researchers explored pregnancy among transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals, and found that 12% had been pregnant at least once. More than half (54%) of the pregnancies were unintended, and fifteen pregnancies occurred after testosterone initiation. Eleven percent of participants wanted to become pregnant in the future. The results were part of the PRIDE Study

Depression a Risk for Older Adults

A study found that LGB older adults were more likely than others “to fall into categories for mild cognitive impairment or early dementia.” The factor that stood out as contributing to this disparity was depression, with other areas (such as social connections and alcohol use) surprisingly not seeming to drive a difference in terms of cognitive functioning disparities.

Marking Trans Day of Remembrance

Time reported on this year’s observation of Transgender Day of Remembrance,  which began in 1999. The vast majority of transgender people who are killed in the U.S. are people of color, who comprised 89% of such victims since advocacy groups began tracking the issue. In Brazil, activists spoke of both an epidemic of transphobic violence but also newfound visibility.

Study Searches for Protective Factors

Researchers announced a new study that will examine what factors help prevent young bisexual and lesbian women from contemplating suicide. The $2 million national study will be the largest longitudinal study of this population ever conducted, and will address topics such as level of connectedness versus isolation and experiences during transitional periods in one’s life.

Trans Trio Sue West Virginia

LGBTQ Nation reported on three transgender individuals who are suing the state of West Virginia for denying medically necessary, gender-affirming care under state health plans. They are arguing that the exclusions are discriminatory since the same procedures are covered for cisgender people, and are using the reasoning applied by the Supreme Court in its landmark Bostock decision.

Paper Explores Research Ethics

The All of Us Research Program published a new white paper exploring the program’s ethical, legal, and social implications. The paper explains how All of Us is designed to bring forward new knowledge about groups that are underrepresented in scientific literature, including sexual and gender minorities, and that a commitment to diversity and inclusion is required to meet this goal. It also discusses how to acknowledge and address historical injustices faced by groups the program seeks to prioritize (such as LGBT folks) in biomedical research. Learn more about All of Us’s work with LGBT individuals here.

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