Many Turn to Hormone “Grey Market” – #LGBTWellness Roundup

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Many Turn to “Grey Market” for Hormones

Metro Weekly reported that almost one in ten transgender individuals in the U.S. is accessing hormone therapy through unlicensed vendors. The same study also found that one in five transgender people has been denied hormone therapy coverage by their insurer. Experts warned that going to the so-called “grey market” for access put people at risk for complications.

Righting the Ship on HIV

UNAIDS announced the publication of a new report that sets new targets for ending HIV. They say that the world was already behind on the goal of ending AIDS by 2030, and that the pandemic further hindered progress. The new goals call for reaching 95% coverage of HIV services among specific key populations, eliminating laws that discriminate against people living with HIV, and reducing stigma and discrimination based on HIV status and gender.

Birth Certificate Rule Under Review

South Bend Tribune reported that Indiana is appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court an appellate decision that struck down its rules on birth certificates. Currently, Indiana prohibits both spouses in a same-sex marriage from being listed on the certificate, which one couple says hinders their child’s access to healthcare and education. An appeals court said the rule is unconstitutional.

Health of Black Trans Southerners

QNotes reported on new research on the healthcare experiences of Black transgender southerners. Less than half said they always or often had positive experiences with healthcare providers, and the group had higher rates of mental health issues and HIV compared to the LGBT population as a whole.

HPV Vaccine Uptake Low

Researchers evaluated HPV vaccine use and knowledge among men living with HIV – a key priority population for HPV vaccination. Only 7% had been vaccinated, with nearly two-thirds saying that they believed they were low risk. Being younger and of higher socioeconomic status were among the factors associated with higher rates of vaccination.

Much to Learn on Trans Men’s Reproductive Health

Reuters published an op-ed calling for more research on reproductive health of transgender men. For example, one area in which questions remain is contraception methods for trans men that do not interfere with hormone therapy (which, contrary to popular belief, is not itself a means of avoiding pregnancy). The author says that more funding and attention is needed for research.

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