Queer Latinx Communities Impacted by Pandemic – #LGBTWellness Roundup

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Queer Latinx Communities Impacted by Pandemic

HRC published new data finding that Latinx LGBT individuals were more likely than other LGBT or other Latinx folks to have lost work during the COVID-19 pandemic and to be struggling economically as a result. With 40% of Latinx LGBT folks facing cuts to their work, many reported having to change household budgets or even having difficulty making rent payments. 

Virtual Health Summit
LGBT HealthLink held its annual e-summit, which brings together leaders in LGBT health from around the world on a digital platform. The event falls within its parent organization CenterLink’s own virtual summit, which this year is replacing its typically in-person event for LGBT centers that happens each year. The summit kicked off on October 13th.

Unpacking Disordered Eating Behaviors

Researchers found that LGBT individuals experience higher rates of disordered eating behaviors and body image dissatisfaction than their peers. For example, 10.5% of transgender men and 8.1% of transgender women reported having been diagnosed with an eating disorder at some point in their lifetime, with body disastisfaction likely being a significant stressor for trans folks.

Stigma during COVID-19 Pandemic

A study from the Canadian government found widespread discrimination there during the COVID-19 pandemic. Gender-diverse individuals were three times as likely as men (and also significantly more likely than women) to have experienced discrimination, while racial and ethnic minorities and youth were also at higher risk of reporting different forms of discrimination.

Discriminatory Policy Blocks Organ Donors

NBC News explored the archaic rules that prohibits sexual minority men from donating organs – a similar but less well-known rule to that which restricts blood donations from gay individuals. While tens of thousands of individuals wait for organ donors to come available, advocates say that the prohibition on gay men is based on HIV-related stigma rather than science.

Uprooting Biphobia

In recognition of Bisexual Awareness Week, the Advocate published a guide on how to address biphobia in others and in yourself. Noting that bisexual folks face disparities even when compared to gay and lesbian peers, they offer tips like not assuming a gay or straight identity when someone shares the sex of their partner and taking someone at their word when they say they are attracted to multiple genders (versus assuming it’s a lie or a “phase”).

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