PrEP Works While You Vacation – #LGBTWellness Roundup

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PrEP Works While You Vacation

US News reported on a new option for using PrEP to prevent HIV infection: “vacation PrEP,” in which patients take the pill before, during, and after a trip. It might be a good fit for those who generally are lower-risk for HIV infection but who expect to be more sexually active during a vacation. Researchers say that not only is this usage effective, but in a study, it also led to many patients deciding to stick with PrEP long-term after trying it out.

Contraception Use Concerning among Bi Women

A study found that women who had any attraction to women were more likely to have used any contraception method than women attracted only to men. The bad news: bisexual-identified women aged 15-25 and women with both male and female partners aged 26-35 both had higher rates of low-efficacy methods of contraception, suggesting many bisexual women may be more at risk of unintended pregnancy despite having higher use of some type of contraception.

Creating a SOGI Nursing Toolkit

A study examined the creation of a Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Nursing Toolkit to help fill knowledge gaps on LGBT patients. The toolkit includes a website, quiz to identify biases, lessons on cultural humility, and learning modules on priority topics. The process used to design the toolkit could be used to develop similar resources for other professionals, many of whom lack basic LGBT education.

Remote HIV Intervention Less Effective

Researchers studied the effectiveness of community health worker interventions for youth living with HIV and found that the service was less effective when conducted remote (at home) compared to when delivered at a clinic. Those who received clinic-based services had better viral load results after one year and also saw a decrease in alcohol use that those receiving home-based services did not.

Challenges for Homeless LGBT Youth

The Advocate reported on efforts to protect LGBT youth experiencing homelessness, as challenges persist despite progress made in many states to ban housing discrimination against LGBT folks. Mistreatment in shelters remains common (and protections from the federal government were recently erased), with many LGBT youth choosing to sleep on the streets rather than make use of the limited resources available.

New Season of Song Begins

WKBW reported on how the show has gone on for the Buffalo Gay Men’s Chorus – with proper public health measures in place. When told that they could only perform together with masks, social distancing, and top-notch ventilation, they took their performances online. Now, they’re holding rehearsals and auditions in parking lots so that they can keep their distance while still showing pride.

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