Transgender People in Rural America – This Week’s LGBTWellness News

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PrEP Reduces Anxiety

Researchers  found that gay and bisexual men who use PrEP had lower levels of HIV-related anxiety than those who were eligible for PrEP but declined to use it. Men under 25 had higher levels of HIV-related stress than did older men who participated in the Australia-based study, suggesting the benefit of reduced stress could be especially useful for young men.

Major Policy Announcements from AMA

The American Medical Association adopted new policies on LGBT issues, including calling for inclusion of sexual orientation and gender identity in electronic healthcare records – an issue which would bring new knowledge on individual and collective LGBT health – as well as support for banning conversion therapy and increasing training on LGBT issues.

Queer Men Keen on HPV Vaccine

A study  found that 67% of queer men over 26 were likely to initiate HPV vaccination if the CDC were to recommend it to them. Currently, the vaccine – which can prevent cancer and save lives – is only recommended through age 26, despite calls from many LGBT health advocates that sexual minority men and others could benefit from the vaccine beyond that age.

Honoring Trans Lives with Action TransNames2019

Psychology Today marked Transgender Day of Remembrance by discussing the public health issues that the community faces today, many of them relating back to violence, discrimination, and the stress that comes with that. The author says that the role of the public health field should be to educate others on how systemic discrimination leads to negative and inequitable health outcomes.

Record Number of Cities Score High

Reuters reported that a record number of cities scored 100% on HRC’s annual Municipal Equality Index, which measures things like local LGBT antidiscrimination and inclusion policies. Only 11 cities received a 100% score back in 2012; seven years later, 88 have achieved it. The average score nationally rose modestly in the past twelve months, from 58 to 60.

MAPRuralTransTransgender People in Rural America

Movement Advancement Project published a report on transgender people living in rural areas. Research has shown that trans people are as likely as cisgender people to live in rural zones – but are more likely than their cisgender neighbors to have a disability or be living with HIV, and less likely to have health insurance, complicating health access in geographically dispersed areas.


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