Update: Puerto Rico – Two Years Later

Last year CenterLink was able to provide support to our LGBTQ+ friends in Puerto Rico after the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Since then CenterLink member Waves Ahead has continued to work to rebuild the homes of the many LGBTQ+ individuals impacted by the storm.

Below is an update from Waves Ahead staff and volunteers.

Thanks to all our incredibly generous friends at CenterLink, The Community of LGBT Centers, and our friends in the diaspora and beyond, Waves Head in Puerto Rico has been able to rebuild more than 19 homes during the Reconstruye Q Project and continues to help individuals and families living in the affected areas of Humacao, Toa Alta, Toa Abaja, Carolina, San Juan, Yabucoa, and Vieques.

If you are interested in supporting the Reconstruye Q Project, please Give HERE 


During the first 60 days, after the Hurricane Maria catastrophic event, Waves Ahead was able to provide more than 378 individuals and 63 families – 51 children under the age of 16 – with food, drinking water, and their essentials for survival.  Since then we have continued to provide aid to more than 1,140 individuals.

Unfortunately the situation in Puerto Rico remains very difficult almost a year and a half after Maria & Irma devastated our island. To make matters worse, LGBTQ+ communities in Puerto Rico often face even a more dire situation due to increased stigma, bias, and overall denial of help and funds by the government.

For that reason, Waves Ahead, with the help of CenterLink and our diaspora, continues to fight the good fight. In fact, our next Reconstruye Q Project effort led by Waves Ahead began May 11, 2019. We still need your help to fulfill our mission of rebuilding homes for LGBTQ+ people and their families in Puerto Rico. This is a unique project that specifically focuses on LGBTQ+ communities. Waves Ahead is on the front line meeting the needs of LGBTQ+ people in Puerto Rico who are less likely to receive FEMA or local government aid to rebuild their home and lives.

With your support, we plan to finish our Reconstruye Q Project by November 2019. There are only 2 homes left to be completed! The good news is YOU CAN HELP by donating today to support the rebuilding efforts. There is so much work yet to be done, and we will not stop until every LGBTQ+ person in Puerto Rico has what they need to rebuild, to be healthy, and more importantly, to live their lives with dignity, justice, and support!

There are 2 homes left to be completed:

Arturo’s home, $16,000 – Toa Baja

Irma’s home, $15,000 – Yabucoa

If you are interested in supporting their efforts, please Give HERE

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please email waves@wavesahead.org

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