Check Out That Butt… Literally!

Each week, LGBT HealthLink, a program of CenterLink, and researcher and blogger Corey Prachniak-Rincón bring you a round-up of some of the biggest LGBTQ wellness stories from the past seven days. For more LGBTQ Wellness, visit a page dedicated to the topic here.

Self and Partner Anal Exams Prove Promising ProtectButts

A Texas study looked at whether queer men could successfully self-examine or examine a partner for anal abnormalities, including those that could be cancerous. The patients were largely successful in detecting the same abnormalities that the doctor could. Only a small percentage reported that the testing was painful, and 93% said they would do such a test again.

New Info on Trans Folks and Mammograms

A new study of CDC data found that transgender men and women reported having had a mammography screening within the past year at about the same rate as did cisgender women, with transgender men more likely to have done so than transgender women. Researchers caution that the study may overestimate adherence and note the unclear (and perhaps elevated) risk that transgender individuals face of developing breast cancer.

Low HIV Testing Rates for Trans Women

A CDC study found that only 37.5% of transgender women and 36.6% of transgender men reported having ever been tested for HIV, a rate on par with cisgender heterosexual individuals despite the much higher risk that transgender people face. Black transgender men and women reported being tested at about double the rate of white transgender peers, perhaps reflective of higher HIV risk in communities of color.


Queer Millennials Reflect on Mental Healthcare

Bustle explored problems that LGBT millennials encounter in seeking mental healthcare, including therapists who think that queer identity is “just a phase.” Others said that providers fixated on coming out and internalized homophobia without seeing their LGBT identities as intersecting with other parts of their identity and mental health needs.

What Your Mayor Can Do for You

The Center for American Progress released a report on how municipal executives, such as mayors, can take actions to improve the health, safety, and lives of LGBT individuals. They outline ideas such as banning discriminatory healthcare policies, mandating better collection of data, and ensuring equal access to social services through policies and competency trainings.

New E-Cig Tool Launched

The CDC launched a website aimed at dispelling the myths regarding e-cigarettes and warning consumers about potential dangers, including chemicals that they contain and the fact that they have not been proven to help fight cigarette addiction. The resource could be valuable for LGBT health advocates, since findings show LGBT youth use e-cigarettes at a higher rate than others.

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