Your LGBT Wellness Roundup Has This Week’s Top Health News

Each week LGBT HealthLink, a Program of CenterLink, and researcher and blogger Corey Prachniak, bring you a round up of some of the biggest LGBT wellness stories from the past seven days. For more LGBT Wellness, visit a page dedicated to the topic here.


How Craigslist Could Improve Health Equity

Researchers found that when it comes to recruiting smokers for tobacco control studies, LGB smokers were more likely than other smokers to respond to Craigslist and Facebook ads. This may be key in improving queer inclusion in research, which in turn can mean better-tailored interventions and more funding for those working with LGBT individuals.


Survey Reveals Big News on Trans Population gender

A study of public health data nationwide revealed that .53% of the population is transgender, representing about 1 in 200 U.S. adults. Trans individuals are more likely to be non-white, living in poverty, and without a college degree than are other adults, suggesting the potential for intersectional discrimination based on minority and low-income statuses. Additionally, trans people were just as likely as others to live in rural areas, as well as to be married.


LGB Folks Face Incarceration Disparities

Researchers found that the proportion of LGB people who are incarcerated is three times that of the overall adult population, with queer women facing particularly stark disparities: 42.1% of women in prison were sexual minorities. LGB sexual minorities were also more likely to be sexually victimized while incarcerated as well as to face solitary confinement.



Fertility Preservation Triggers Dysphoria in Trans Men

A study of Swedish trans men found that freezing one’s eggs to preserve fertility could be a stressful experience and negatively impact gender dysphoria, as the procedure is closely tied to a female identity. The procedure, which is also sometimes used by trans patients with cancer to preserve fertility, was manageable with social supports and other coping strategies.


Demand Surges for Care for Trans Youth

STAT reports that demand is rising for gender identity-related care for transgender youth, including everything from counseling to hormone therapy to surgery. Lack of research, discrimination, and insurance policies were all cited as barriers for youth seeking care.


vanderbiltBig Study Coming on Impact of LGBT Laws

Vanderbilt University announced a $400,000 grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to study the impact of LGBT-related laws and policies, including marriage equality, on queer health. The project is expected to last two years.

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