Apply by June 1st to Join the LGBT HealthLink Steering Committee!


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by Corey Prachniak, Chair of LGBT HealthLink’s Steering Committee.

Corey is an attorney working at the intersection of gender and health, and is currently a Zuckerman Fellow at Harvard University. Visit Corey’s website at


As Chair of the LGBT HealthLink Steering Committee, I’m pleased to announce that we are accepting applications for Steering Committee membership until Wednesday, June 1. Fresh off our annual meeting this past weekend in sunny Fort Lauderdale, we have a busy and exciting year ahead of us, and we’re excited to welcome five new members to our team as part of our yearly recruitment.

The Steering Committee supports the work of LGBT HealthLink, a CDC-funded organization aimed at eliminating LGBT health disparities. We advise on and promote HealthLink’s initiatives, which include work in tobacco, cancer, wellness, and other fields of LGBT health, and are consulted on major organizational decisions. We meet monthly by conference call and yearly in person (which, we promise, is lots of fun!).  

HLSC Smiles
LGBT HealthLink’s Steering Committee annual meeting this past weekend. Smiles in paradise!

We have five positions opening up on the Steering Committee, which are open to people of all ages (including youth), professional backgrounds, geographic locations, and identities. Experience with LGBT health policy, research, activism, or care should be highlighted in your application. In particular, we are seeking:

  • At least one Cancer Expert
  • At least one LGBT Community Center Representative
  • Up to three General Members

Steering Committee members must be willing to:

  • Attend at least 9 out of 12 conference calls per year (usually occurring at 4pm EST on a weekday)
  • Travel once per year for an expenses-paid, in-person meeting (March 20-21, 2017; 2018 TBD)
  • Actively participate in at least one sub-committee
  • Serve as a public representative of LGBT HealthLink
  • Participate in HealthLink membership recruitment
  • Contribute to the HealthLink blog

Appointments to the Committee will run from July 2016 through June 2018, with the option of a two-year extension.

To apply, please fill out our application by June 1, 2016.  Applicants will be notified by July 1. If you wish to use a Word document application instead of the above form, or have any questions, please email

Published by Corey Prachniak

Healthcare and LGBT rights attorney; Chair of LGBT HealthLink's steering committee; frequent tweeter @cprachniak.

7 thoughts on “Apply by June 1st to Join the LGBT HealthLink Steering Committee!

    1. You are using ageism to say that only those retired are worthy of fighting for equal rights for all. The truth is that some in this photo may be older than they appear. They may have life experiences with more depth and color than many people you have known. They may have been working with older LGBTQ people for over a decade and listened to every issue they have expressed and now want to do something about it. Or, they may know about issues of younger people today, such as in schools, which retired folks have no clue about.

      Instead of putting down others, and calling adults kids, why not be a part of their group and work collaboratively so every segment of the population gets heard? Using your age to squelch the enthusiasm of working-age and teenage LGBTQ adults is not beneficial to your generation, is it?

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