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How to Come Out (To Your Doctor)

Bustle provides 9 handy steps for coming out to your doctor, whether you’re queer, poly, or a sex worker. Big takeaway? Try to check if your provider is welcoming before you arrive.


American Cancer Society Outlines Their LGBT Plans

The American Cancer Society recently outlined their strategy for addressing cancer disparities in the LGBT communities. Examples of their activities? Including an LGBT focus in their newly established tobacco control center; collecting LGB (no T) data in their newest wave of the large scale Cancer Prevention Study; and funding over $3M in LGBT research since 2003.

Delinquency Differs By Sexual Orientation

A new longitudinal study looked at violent and non-violent delinquent behaviors by sexual orientation and gender. Bisexuals had the highest levels of delinquency when compared to both heterosexuals and gays/lesbians. Straight men were more delinquent than gay men but lesbians were more delinquent than straight women and gay men.

Tennessee’s Legislators Pass Discriminatory Mental Health Bill Tennessee
In “things that will make you scream” news, Tennessee’s legislators just passed a bill that would allow counselors and therapists to deny mental health services to LGBTQ patients without legal liability on account of personally held beliefs and principles.. Fingers crossed that Tennessee’s governor sees reason and vetoes the bill. In better news, they did table a potential trans bathroom bill.

U.S. Has First-Ever Male-to-Male Zika Virus Case

We know Zika can be transmitted via vaginal sex, now the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports the U.S.’s first case of Zika virus being passed from one man to another via condomless anal sex.

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