Kicking Butt!

logoby Nicole Sutton, LGBT HealthLink Grant Administrator

Today is Kick Butts Day! Tobacco remains the most preventable cause of death on this planet. As LGBT people, we bear an unfair burden as our smoking rates are 2x the rate of heterosexuals. And tobacco companies continue to specifically target our communities through advertising and philanthropic efforts to keep us costumers.

 Teens and young adults also continue to be heavily targeted as replacement smokers by the tobacco industry in order to recruit new customers for the ones they lose each year from tobacco-related deaths.

Remind Big Tobacco that you are NOT A REPLACEMENT by sharing this video with your network, friends, and family today!

Kick and Paste: #‎NotAReplacement

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Nicole Nicole Sutton, LGBT HealthLink Grand Administrator, managed a youth empowerment counter-marketing tobacco project for fourteen years at University of Hawai’i. She has  trained and mobilized thousands of youth to engage in tobacco control advocacy. She frequently talks to other states about how to engage youth with the same level of success.



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