Hello, Again

Nicoleby Nicole Sutton, LGBT HealthLink Grant Administrator

It’s an honor it is to be here with the entire CenterLink team! This is a terrific group of change-makers who want to see our communities thrive!  I’m coming to HealthLink after 14 years of work in tobacco control at University of Hawaii. Although I’m starting out in a new place with a new organization, I feel extremely fortunate to be able to continue my work in tobacco and cancer control with many of my long-time friends and colleagues. For three years I served on HealthLink’s Steering Committee and was here through the expansion of our mission statement to the focus of overall health and wellness. It’s extremely rewarding to be able to see how those Steering Committee planning sessions a few years ago led to the development of the work plan that I refer to each day in my new role.

As Grant Administrator I will help support and motivate our team to ensure we are achieving our short and long-term project goals. Also I will help to foster our existing partnerships while exploring new potential collaborations to promote wellness within our communities. There is certainly a lot to do here and I’m excited about the challenges ahead.

What drives me most in this work is my absolute love for and commitment to our LGBT young people. I want to live in a world where our kids are safe, healthy in all ways, and truly know their value as individuals. I believe that working towards wellness in our communities and equity in our society sets the stage for our youth to have access to incredible opportunities for success throughout their lives.

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