January 2015 HealthLink update

January 2015

LGBT HealthLink 

  • In early January, LGBT HealthLink and the National LGBT Cancer Network launched the open review for the Best & Promising Practices for LGBT Cancer The online review is hosted on the LGBT Cancer Website and contributors can choose to add their input to one or more parts of the cancer continuum- Prevention/Health Promotion ⇒ Screening ⇒ Diagnosis ⇒ Survivorship ⇒ End of Life. Additionally, we are also seeking input from Public Health Department professionals. Read more, and link to the review HERE.
  • Shannon Cuttle, founder and director of the Safe Schools Action Network, joined us as a short-term consultant to manage our state cancer survey. Shannon’s work on gauging state cancer programs’ LGBT inclusion and targeting will help us to cerate a baseline for our state cancer work over the next few years.
  • Two new staff members were hired! Julie Balter will be our new Program Associate, and Juan Carlos Vega (who used to be on our Steering Committee) will be our new Policy Specialist!
  • The Triangle Community Center in Connecticut launched the LGBT Wellness Needs Assessment- stay tuned for updates on their findings!
  • Films for Non-Profits filmed a five-minute “Intro to LGBT HealthLink” video in NYC!
  • Scout attended a Disparities Workgroup meeting for a convening of tobacco leadership organizations working on a response to the Surgeon General’s 50th Anniversary report. This was the first meeting of this workgroup, they came up with a series of recommendations on how the main organizations could integrate disparities into their #SGR50 activities.
  • Scout was invited to present at the first ever LGBT Health Funding Summit, a collaboration between Funders Concerned About AIDS, Funders for LGBTQ Issues, and Grantmakers in Health. He gave a talk about the Culture of Health in the LGBT Communities, laying out opportunities for LGBT funders to leverage resources. The transcript of the talk will be on our blog in the next week.

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