December Updates

December 2014 Update

LGBT HealthLink

  • HealthLink launched the first ever LGBT State tobacco inclusion report cards! Check out the report cards and methodology here:
    • The launch was covered in the Windy City Times and the HRC blog
    • Since the launch, we have spoken with reps from multiple states about how to collaborate in the future, and improve their state’s grade
  • Scout flew out to two different events this month. First was the gathering of LGBT community centers in Michigan and the Dept of Health representatives to review the preliminary findings for their statewide needs assessment. One of the very interesting points from those data was that even the LGBT smokers who wanted to quit didn’t think to use the quitline. Clearly more education is needed.
  • Next, Scout went to Milwaukee to be a speaker at the presentation of their citywide readiness assessment on tobacco control work, and to facilitate their action planning the following day. This is the first time a city started by doing a readiness assessment, ultimately they found that the local community was not ready to embark on tobacco control work, again, more education is needed in order to move the community further in the readiness model. In addition to DOH reps, Scout met with state HIV reps, and folks from two local community centers.
  • Health Care Bill of Rights got more media coverage, with a piece in the South Florida Gay News, as well as the HRC blog (The HRC also joined as a partner this month!)
  • Daniella worked with The Triangle Community Center in Norwalk, CT on a plan to do a Needs Assessment in early 2015. They submitted an outreach plan for review in December and are working toward a January launch.
  • We announced two open positions- Policy Specialist and Social Media/ Project Specialist. We have received many CV’s, and are currently reviewing eleven applicants for the policy position and seven applicants for the project support position.


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